5 Reasons to Adopt Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Technology


Most people already know that ethernet cables can be used to transmit data since this type of cabling is often used to connect to the internet. However, you can also invest in Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which can use twisted-pair ethernet cabling to transmit electrical power as well as data to connected devices.

This might sound like an odd idea at first, but it comes with several compelling benefits. Here are just five reasons to consider PoE.

1. Easier Installation

One key advantage of PoE technology is that installation is much easier. After all, you only require a single cable instead of the traditional two. That also means there is no need to connect to mains power, and the fact that PoE runs at low voltages means installations won't require metal or conduit cladding. As such, installations can be performed faster and at a lower cost than if you went for traditional electrical cabling.

2. Data Analytics

Many modern devices allow you to track how energy is being used, and PoE technology can help take that further. Dedicated PoE software can collect data from all connected devices to provide helpful analytics. Using that information, you can make intelligent optimizations to cut costs and make the most of your data system.

3. Dependability

Adopting any kind of new cabling technology often comes with an associated risk of failure, and that risk can put many people off the idea of investing in such new ideas. However, PoE technology is extremely dependable since using only a single cable dramatically reduces the possible points of failure. This means your PoE-powered devices should always be able to count on receiving a constant power supply.

4. Remote Management

Since PoE cabling can transmit power and data at the same time, you will be able to remotely manage any connected devices. This can be done either manually or automatically, so you can easily set up a schedule to manage connected devices in the most efficient way possible. It's also possible to include functions that will sense when a device has lost power, then resupply it so it reboots.

5. Efficiency

Ethernet cabling wasn't always used for power since devices previously used more power than such cabling could transmit. However, most modern devices are more efficient, which means PoE technology is now practical. Additionally, PoE platforms can help reduce energy demands even further compared to traditional AC systems, so switching to PoE can help reduce both your energy bills and your environmental impact.

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21 April 2023

Understanding the Electrical System In Your Home

Most modern Australian homes rely heavily on electrical power. Unfortunately, not many people realise just how much they rely on electrical power until the power supply to their home is disrupted in some way. There are a number of steps you can take which will help to protect the electricity supply to your home. I am not an electrical contractor, but after a couple of power failures, I have learnt an awful lot from the professional contractors who came out to repair the wiring and fuses in my home. I hope this blog will help you to keep the lights on in your property.