3 Signs of an Electrical Emergency


Most electrical issues occur when you least expect them. Therefore, you should ensure that your electrical systems work perfectly at all times. One small problem with a loose wire can quickly turn into a full-blown electrical emergency.

Fortunately, there are some signs that can alert you about an impending electrical emergency. Here's what you should pay attention to before your electrical system causes an unimaginable catastrophe.

Frequent Flickering Lights

The electrical wires in your house will eventually deteriorate, which can lead to loose wiring. Loose wiring interferes with the proper flow of current. Unfortunately, this is a major cause of most house fires. Pests in your house could also chew away at your wiring and expose the wires.

Furthermore, flickering lights are a sign of voltage fluctuation. House appliances that use a lot of electricity can momentarily cause flickering when they draw too much power at once.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers protect your house if there's excess voltage in your electrical system. A proper circuit breaker will cut off the electric supply immediately after it detects excess power. Therefore, be cautious when your circuit breakers keep tripping. This symptom could indicate a major underlying problem with your electrical system.

Also, be careful if power has gone off in only one part of your house. Blackouts in select rooms is likely due to a tripped circuit breaker.

Avoid plugging too many electrical appliances into a single circuit, which can easily lead to an overloaded circuit. Also, you can have large appliances like refrigerators with their dedicated circuits. Dedicated circuits are excellent at preventing circuit overloads. They ensure the large appliances don't share the circuit with any other appliances.

Mysterious Burning Smell

You shouldn't ignore unexplained burning smells in your home. They often indicate a fire risk that could catch you by surprise. When live, naked wires come into contact with each other, they could create a spark between them and cause the external insulation to burn slowly. The result is an unmistakable burning smell that you shouldn't take lightly.

Should you detect a burning smell, unplug every electrical appliance connected to an outlet. Next, alert everyone in your home so that they can exercise caution. You should then call an electrician so they can have a look at your system.

Sometimes, you may not detect a smell until it's too late. Be sure to keep up with routine checkups to avoid such issues. You're better off safe than sorry. Contact an electrician near you to learn more.


16 December 2021

Understanding the Electrical System In Your Home

Most modern Australian homes rely heavily on electrical power. Unfortunately, not many people realise just how much they rely on electrical power until the power supply to their home is disrupted in some way. There are a number of steps you can take which will help to protect the electricity supply to your home. I am not an electrical contractor, but after a couple of power failures, I have learnt an awful lot from the professional contractors who came out to repair the wiring and fuses in my home. I hope this blog will help you to keep the lights on in your property.