What Is Hidden Behind Those Walls in Your Older Home?


Many Australians love their heritage and, when they look for a replacement home, may think about moving into a period property. This is attractive when it comes to style, design or architecture but may present its own problems when dealing with utility installation. So if you have recently moved into an older house and may have one eye on some restoration, why do you need to look at the electrical installation first and before you do anything else?

Good Old Days

When your home was built, times were much more straightforward. People may not have relied on electricity as much as they do today, and the house may have been configured with this in mind. Therefore, you may notice that there are only a couple of outlets in each room and that you are struggling to find enough sockets for your all-important entertainment system. You may nevertheless try and introduce all your creature comforts to keep the family happy, and this is where you may begin to uncover some problems.

Have you noticed that your fuse box has been tripping far too often in recent times? If so, this could be due to many reasons, but it is likely related to the infrastructure within the home. Certainly, you may have plugged too many devices into the sockets in your living room or kitchen, but you will probably need to look more carefully at what is behind each wall.

Low Amperage

When your home was built, the electrical system was designed to cope with a certain amount of amperage but no more. The installation was certainly not meant to cope with multiple entertainment devices plugged into one circuit or the type and quantity of appliance in a modern-day kitchen.

The wiring may also have begun to deteriorate with time, leading to short-circuits and a loss of power. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to fire, and you want to take action right now before things start to worsen. Get electrical system repairs to avoid this issue. 

Plan of Action

Call in an electrician as soon as possible. They will tell you if your system needs a complete overhaul and will be able to provide you with a plan of action. In the short term, they'll advise you what to do with your appliances and entertainment devices so that you always err on the side of caution. They may then suggest replacing all the wiring and circuit boards and adding new outlets for all of those essential gadgets.


19 July 2021

Understanding the Electrical System In Your Home

Most modern Australian homes rely heavily on electrical power. Unfortunately, not many people realise just how much they rely on electrical power until the power supply to their home is disrupted in some way. There are a number of steps you can take which will help to protect the electricity supply to your home. I am not an electrical contractor, but after a couple of power failures, I have learnt an awful lot from the professional contractors who came out to repair the wiring and fuses in my home. I hope this blog will help you to keep the lights on in your property.