Electrical Repairs To Get Your Power Reconnected Following Damage Due To Bad Weather


Power outages can result from bad weather and other such circumstances. Failing to take appropriate action in time will mean experiencing all that comes with a power blackout much longer than you need to.

If in the event of the storm, you realise that your property's electrical system has suffered some serious damage, then you will need to ensure that the necessary electrical repairs are well taken off before your utility company can reconnect or restore your power.

Who Is Responsible For What?

Your utility company is responsible for and will cover the cost of electrical repairs on the overhead transmission lines, the distribution feeders, tap lines and up to the service line feeding into your property.

Your ownership of equipment, and by extension, your explicit responsibility begins from the mast and covers everything from the meter panel. This includes the wiring inside the mast to the meter panel, the wiring running from the meter panel to the panel inside the house and the entire network of wiring inside the building. You will, therefore, be responsible for making arrangements for and paying for electrical repairs on any damages on your system starting from the service mast.

Who To Contact

A handyman may not be the best person to call for your electrical repairs. Doing it yourself may also not be a good idea because of several reasons, including the fact that you run the risk of getting electrocuted.

A licensed electrician can do a professional assessment of the damage and, putting to work their expert skills and experience with the backing of specialist equipment, conduct all the necessary electrical repairs.

Your utility company will insist on having all the electrical repairs done, and that is why the electrician may need to get an inspection report as proof that all repair work is complete and the system's integrity is restored. Only after providing such proof will the company reconnect your power.

Hiring a professional electrician for this kind of electrical repairs will ensure that you are not left without power for too long. Depending on the extent of the damage, your electrician may only need a couple of hours to ensure that all electrical repairs are taken care of, and all according to the acceptable standards.

Reconnecting power before all electrical repairs are complete is not safe, and that is why your utility company will not do it. Engaging the services of a licensed electrician will help you get your power reconnected safely and without unnecessary delays.


24 January 2019

Understanding the Electrical System In Your Home

Most modern Australian homes rely heavily on electrical power. Unfortunately, not many people realise just how much they rely on electrical power until the power supply to their home is disrupted in some way. There are a number of steps you can take which will help to protect the electricity supply to your home. I am not an electrical contractor, but after a couple of power failures, I have learnt an awful lot from the professional contractors who came out to repair the wiring and fuses in my home. I hope this blog will help you to keep the lights on in your property.