CCTV systems


CCTV systems are a modern and preferred security solution. The need to protect your interests from unwanted parties has always been necessary for a long time. CCTV systems are very advanced because they are comprised of the necessary modern technology needed to protect your property and premises even when you are not present.

CCTV systems enable the user to monitor the security of their premises from a personal computer. This means that a client is now able to utilise video surveillance to watch over their premises. The systems give the user the ability to record, watch and playback any footage form your personal computer. As the client, CCTV systems also afford you the ability to monitor your security system remotely from a device such as a laptop or smartphone.

CCTV systems, when setup correctly, can monitor your premises all the time. This means that you get 'round-the-clock monitoring of your premises ensuring that your goods and property are safe. The systems are smart in that they can automatically alert you when a potential threat is detected.


CCTV security systems which include the use of security cameras can protect you from:

  • Being robbed
  • Vandalism of vehicles
  • Egging or graffiti being done to your property
  • Knowing when an individual trespass on your property
  • Finding out who may have abducted your pet

Security cameras

Security cameras make up part of CCTV systems which are usually in place in various areas such as offices and even private residential areas. Security cameras play the part of helping to capture actual footage of an intruder or trespasser on your premises. The footage is binding evidence that can be relied upon when compared to eye witness encounter which may not be very reliable.

There are various types of security cameras that can be used to help in capturing events which you may want to be recorded. They include internet protocol (IP) cameras, spy cameras and wireless IP cameras. The initiative you take of having security cameras in your home helps you have the ability to fight crime. You get the ability of fighting crime by capturing these intruders or thieves in the act.


The extensive benefits of having CCTV systems in your premises over traditional security systems include:

  • The ability to have 24-hour surveillance on your premises
  • The ability to record, view and playback any occurrences in your premises
  • The ease of maintaining and updating your security system with minimal problems


9 April 2018

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