How to Save Money While Operating Your Heat Pump


A heat pump can be a useful way to save money on your home's heating and cooling bills. This equipment cools your home, and, as long as temps are not too low, it can also heat your home. However, if you want to save even more money while running your heat pump, you should keep the following tips in mind.

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Ideally, you should schedule regular maintenance for your heat pump just as you do for your furnace, heater, air conditioner or other HVAC elements of your home. Having a professional come to your home to tune up your heat pump helps it to last longer. You also get to learn about issues before the heat pump stops working. That gives you time to repair issues before they get out of control and expensive, and ultimately that saves you money.

2. Look for a Company That Offers Maintenance Plans

Some heating specialists offer maintenance plans. The specifics vary based on the company, but you may want to look into the options. Basically, in most cases, you get the maintenance on a subscription based plan. For example, you pay a yearly fee, and in exchange the company comes to your home once or twice a year to do routine maintenance. Then, the company may offer additional perks on top of that such as discounts on repairs or priority service if you have an emergency.

3. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

This tip helps you save money whether you have a heat pump, a furnace or another type of system. When you can program your settings, you can ensure that the heat pump doesn't run as much when you are out of the house or sleeping.

If you opt for a thermostat that can be controlled remotely, you can change the settings at will. For instance, if you have a late meeting and the thermostat is programmed so that the heat kicks in at the usual time you come home from work, you can use the app to adjust the thermostat as needed.

4. Insulate Your Home

Finally, consider insulating your home so your heat pump doesn't have to work as hard. In addition to having insulation on walls that face the outside, you may want to add insulation to the attic. Also, make sure the windows are well sealed and add weather stripping to doors so that cold air doesn't get into your home and lower the temperatures.


18 December 2017

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