3 Issues and Habits that Drain Your Car Battery and How to Avoid Them


Your car battery a critical part of your vehicle. If it is faulty or dead, the car won't start until you replace it. For this reason, battery maintenance is essential to enjoying your vehicle and saving money on auto parts replacements. With a well-maintained battery, you won't have to visit the repairs shop regularly for battery checks and replacement. This article will address some of the top issues and habits that can cause your battery to die prematurely and the measures that you can take to avoid them.

Frequent short trips

Taking short trips frequently is harmful to your car battery as this does not give it enough time to recharge. When making short trips, the engine does not run long enough to charge the battery for the next time you turn the ignition. Therefore, if you form a habit of making multiple short journeys in a day, your battery can easily die on you. Try to avoid these short trips to prolong the life of the battery. If you have to make them, invest in a battery charger that can be used to recharge it even when the engine is not running.

Leaving electrical components on

Every driver knows that electrical parts of the vehicle such as the AC, headlights, radio and other parts that use electrical energy should be switched off when leaving the car. However, many people always forget to switch these electrics on, and as a result, they slowly drain the battery. The surest way of waking up to a dead battery in the morning is leaving your electrics on. Always double check the electrics after parking the car in your office parking lot, supermarket or home garage to extend the life the life of your battery.

Cold weather

Winter is your vehicle battery's greatest enemy. This is because the cold weather makes it hard for batteries to charge within the standard time frame. Ideally, the car battery will take longer to charge when it's cold as compared to during the summer. Additionally, energy drains fast due to the prolonged use of electrical systems such as the heater, lights (due to the foggy weather) and wipers. During the cold season, it is a good idea to invest in a battery charger to keep the battery charged at all times. Also, do not leave your vehicle out in the driveway where it's cold. Insulate your garage and the door to keep the battery warm at night.

Take note of these issues that can cause your battery to die prematurely. Proper maintenance is the key to extending the life of the battery. Ensure that the battery is inspected by an expert during the regular service checks so that any issues can be identified and resolved early.


4 December 2017

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