AC Maintenance Mistakes That New AC Technicians Should Avoid on Their First Job


Most domestic air conditioning units are designed simplistically; the mechanism takes in air, cools it, and then distributes it to different rooms for cooling effect. However, despite such simplicity, AC units can be hard to manage regardless of size or capacity. For this reason, you must be careful on your first AC repair job because the possibility of making mistakes is relatively high for newbies. This article highlights common mistakes you should avoid when called for your first AC maintenance or repair job.

Ignoring the Wiring

Most new technicians often forget to check the wiring of the air conditioning system and concentrate on other areas of the system. It is especially the case if the AC system is working okay. However, the fact that the system is working optimally does not necessarily mean that the wiring is fine. For example, there might be a loose wire, which represents a significant danger to the client. Therefore, make sure that you check the wiring along the system thoroughly to ascertain that there is no loose wiring. If you come across loose cabling, repair it immediately.

Incorrect Positioning

When a client plans to renovate their home and want the AC unit repositioned, they will call an AC technician. Notably, one mistake you should avoid when asked to reposition an electric AC unit is to place it in direct sunlight. You can identify a shaded area for the external AC unit only to find the spot in the sun three hours later. Therefore, where you decide to place the unit should be shaded throughout the day and so you may need to track the sun for a day before you settle on a spot. Additionally, make sure that there are no obstacles near the place for adequate dissipation of heat.

Not Checking the Refrigerant

An air conditioning refrigerant should last several years before refilling. For this reason, most homeowners forget to check the levels of the coolant or the possibility of a leak. As an AC technician, you must avoid making the same mistake at all costs. While AC refrigerants can last so long, there is no telling when a leakage might start. Therefore, when called for repairs or maintenance of an AC system, make sure that you assess refrigerant levels in the reservoir and then follow that up with an inspection for possible leaks. Failure to resolve refrigerant leaks can result in total failure of an AC unit.

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30 November 2017

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