How to Figure Out If You Need to Replace Your Electric Hot Water System


When was the last time that you installed a new hot water system at home? Certainly, these systems are designed to be efficient and to last for a long time, but they will eventually wear out. When your system is nearing the end of its life you may begin to notice some issues that can give you an early warning wake-up call and prompt you to look for a replacement. What are some of the signs that could indicate that this moment is near?

Cooler Temperatures

You may have noticed in recent days and weeks that the hot water coming through pipes is not as hot as it used to be. In other words, the system may not be doing its job as efficiently as it used to, but you will need to check a couple of factors first. It could be that the electricity has been interrupted and that the heat is effectively switched off. Sometimes, a member of the family may have reset the temperature gauge, or a circuit breaker may have tripped.

Odd Colour

You may begin to notice that the water coming out of your taps is discoloured. What type of contamination can you see? If the water appears to be muddy, this could be due to sedimentation in the tank and you can try clearing it out to see if that rectifies the problem first.

Start by locating the drainage valve and attaching a hose to one end, with the other pointed into a drain. Make sure that you turn off the inlet valves and then drain everything from the tank. However, if the water appears to be more of a rusty consistency then this may indicate that the system needs to be replaced.

Strange Noises

You may find that sediment has built up within the tank if the system starts to make a lot of noise for no apparent reason. Once again, you should clean everything out thoroughly to see if it clears up the issue.

If you find that you've been dealing with some of these problems on a regular basis recently, then you should get in touch with a technician to see what they advise. After all, electric hot water systems are generally felt to be the most reliable and cost-effective on the market, so you will want to continue with this option. It may be possible to thoroughly service and recondition your system, or you may want to update to the latest specification and technology.


29 November 2017

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