Why You Should Upgrade the Lighting at Your Sports Stadium


If you own or operate a sporting facility, you want to provide a first-class service for your members and make sure that the ground is available for play as often as possible. You may be open for business during the hours of darkness as this is often a very popular time when people are off work. To ensure that your players can see what they do when they take to the field, you may already have installed a floodlighting system that works quite well. However, are you wasting money and spending too much on the associated electricity bill? Should you consider changing the type of bulb to a much more efficient LED solution?

Slow to Switch

LED lights have now been around for some time and are a popular choice for the home or office. These bulbs will last a lot longer and consume less energy, so this will count from both a cost and carbon point of view.

Yet many sports stadiums have been slow to realise the associated benefits. Certainly, technology may have taken some time to catch up in this type of facility, but you should undoubtedly look at retrofitting your entire stadium with LED lights today.

The Old Approach

If your facility is like many sports stadiums around the country, you have been using high-intensity discharge bulbs to light up the playing surface. These are very powerful bulbs that will definitely do the trick, but they eat up the energy at an alarming rate.


Instead, think about replacing these bulbs with LED versions to produce the same output at a much lower wattage. Just imagine how much money you could save if you replaced all of those high-intensity bulbs as soon as possible.

Long-Term Savings

Once you have made the switch, expect your LED lights to last many times longer than the original installation. While they may be more expensive than the high-intensity discharge bulbs at the outset, you will save against the cost of maintenance over the next few seasons. And don't forget, it's not easy to replace old bulbs when they do fail, so you need to factor in labour and specialised equipment to the cost equation as well.

Taking the Plunge

Does your state or territory offer any incentives to help you with the cost of replacement? It's worth looking into this option as you talk with your electrician about a full facility retrofit.

When you want to know more, contact a commercial lighting electrician near you.


19 July 2021

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