Getting to Know Australia's Deepest Industry


Mining in Australia is one of the biggest contributors to its status as a premier first world nation with an economy bigger than that of Spain or Mexico despite having only a fraction of the population. From coal to diamonds, Australia has a wide range of mining investments, and there are billions of dollars invested into exploration and testing for new mines. While it may seem like the mining industry is going through a slow spot because the gold rush of a few years ago has ended, it is actually on the rise again. That is why you need to be informed about it. 

Where Is It?

Mining is present all over Australia, from the coal mines in the Hunter region, New South Wales, to the iron ore mines of the Peel region in Western Australia and everything in between. Due to Australia's huge size, every state and territory has large deposits of natural resources that help build Australia's wealth. There are even famous towns built entirely from mining like Broken Hill, Mount Isa and Coober Pedy, to name a few. Most of the mining occurs away from the main cities and out of sight of the public because the bulk of Australians live within those big cities.

What Is Being Mined?

Australia produces dozens of different natural resources, and there are over 400 active mines that work in extracting these materials. That number also does not include all the different sites that help refine and ship the natural elements to their destination, although these are sometimes located on the same site as the mine. All this logistical support helps make the mining industry as big and lucrative as it is for everyone involved. Here are some statistics to show just how big of a contributor Australia is in the production of vital resources: 

What Mining Equipment Is Being Used?

At most levels of the mining industry, a lot of the mining equipment being used is the same stuff that you might see on some construction sites when ground is being broken. Articulated trucks, excavators, track loaders and motor graders are some of the vehicles being used to make the process go quicker, but there are also special machines that are purpose-built to fit individual mines and their needs. In many cases, the equipment being used is worth millions of dollars and is simply not viable for smaller mines. If you do want to get involved in a mining job, which would be a good idea at this time, then working on these vehicles or fixing these vehicles as a mechanic is a great way to earn a living. 


25 October 2018

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